SoulCraftAI – AI Training & Consulting for Small Business and Teams

"With technologies like AI, the possibilities can be overwhelming, but the key to success is simple: start with one step and let curiosity lead the way."

Enhanced Value
Learn to leverage AI to provide extra value in a cost-effective way. Build higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, boosting sales and growth.
Operational Efficiency
Utilise AI for daily operational improvements. Resulting in streamlined processes, reduced costs, and higher profitability.
Effective Communication
Use AI to create clear, effective communication strategies. Build stronger relationships and trust, enhancing brand image and team engagement.
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Introductory Training

Take 1 hour and start your journey into AI with a bang. 

In this value packed session, you will get 1 on 1 advice from an AI specialist. Leaving with real strategies (and a custom tool), you will save you time and money immediately!

Ideal for anyone who just wants to get started with AI but is unsure of how.

Are you frustrated by AI content that just sounds like….well….AI?

Designed to get your message clear on ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude and other GenAI tools, this session is purpose built to eliminate that generic sounding content. 

Plus, get access to a free AI tool you can use wherever you need it in your business!

Ongoing Training

Jump into the amazing world of AI by joining the SoulCraftAI Learning Community. 

Access exclusive AI tools, weekly Q&A sessions, short courses and Tips & Tricks to make AI work for you.

Get started with our comprehensive workshops. 

AI Training & Consulting for Small Business and Teams is the best way to get your business across AI and build the strategy and skills to move forward!

Try some Free Tools

Create 12 Instagram Posts

InstaPost crafts 12 short, punchy posts, based on a user-provided summary.

Create a ZIP file

Zip Wizard works with Zip files, no app needed. Zip files  and send from any device.

Create useful Prompts

If you know what you want to do, the Prompt Designer can help you make it happen.

What people are saying

Frequestly Asked Questions

Our name represents what we do. We help you to take your vision for your business and turn it into a reality, whether that is using AI to grow your business, or to do what you do more effectively to create more value for your customers.

The things that drive every decision, every action and every word of communication represent the Soul of your business. It is as unique as you are – and that is why it is your greatest asset. The key is to understand it….simply so you can communicate it with AI……clearly.

This is a question we get a lot, and it comes down to this. There are three core reasons you should integrate AI into your business:

  • You want to create extra value for your clients, without absorbing excessive cost.
  • You want to do things faster and more efficiently in your business to save time and cost
  • You want to keep up with the boom in AI driven communication; but you see the low quality communication currently being pushed by other businesses.