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Take 1 hour and start your journey into AI with a bang. 

In this value packed session, you will get 1 on 1 advice from an AI specialist. You will leave with strategies (and a custom tool) that save you time and money immediately!

Ideal for anyone who just wants to get started with AI but is unsure of how.

Are you frustrated by AI content that just sounds like….well….AI?

Designed to get your message clear on ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude and other GenAI tools, this session is purpose built to eliminate that generic sounding content. 

Plus, get access to a free AI tool you can use wherever you need it in your business!

Jump into the amazing world of AI by joining the SoulCraftAI Learning Community. 

Access exclusive AI tools, weekly Q&A sessions, short courses and Tips & Tricks to make AI work for you.

Get started with our comprehensive workshops. 

Learn AI Skills for Business to get your business across AI and build the strategy and skills to move forward!