AI training for
YOUR business

In 2022, Adam Walsh launched Bizualize with a clear goal: to help businesses understand their unique qualities and share them with the world.

The first product from Bizualize, Business Soul Discovery aimed to uncover the true essence and message of a business. Avoiding the pitfalls of “corporate poetry,” Business Soul Discovery enabled businesses to craft clear, consistent messaging quickly.

While popular with clients, the program required a significant time investment. Clients needed to dedicate four 90-minute sessions to complete it, taking them away from their daily operations. Additionally, Adam spent considerable time behind the scenes – adding to the price.

Adam wondered if there was a way to make the process better, faster, more efficient, and perhaps even online.

During his search for an online version of Business Soul Discovery, Adam discovered Large Language Models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini. He quickly realized that the true power of this technology went beyond content creation.

Adam set out to train the AI to run the Business Soul Discovery process. After months of research, trial and error, and study, he succeeded. He reduced the Business Soul Discovery process from four 90-minute sessions to a single 90-minute session, cutting the cost to less than a quarter of the original price.

Adam had uncovered the true power of AI: it could actually create client value and improve efficiency – as well as improve communication!

Committed to full transparency, Adam began conducting the Business Soul Discovery program using AI, with clients observing the process. 

Soon, requests for assistance with AI training and tool development started pouring in, sparking an exciting idea in his mind.

When Adam began leveraging AI in his business, there was no one to guide him, as the technology had never been accessible to the average business owner.

Adam realised that his experience had uncovered a daily skillset that could be learned. Now his journey could serve as a roadmap for others. 

Thus, SoulCraftAI was born…..a training platform to help business owners and their teams learn AI as a skill – truly integrating AI into their businesses.

Bizualize today!

Today, Bizualize as about helping businesses understand that AI is not a set of products, it is not one subscription for one task. AI is a skillset that can be learned, just like learning to use a computer.

We offer a suite of training options tailored to wherever you are on your AI learning path. Whether you are simply unsure of where to start, concerned about where to take your business with AI, or need help executing on a strategy – Bizualize with SoulCraftAI has a solution.