About Us

It started with Values, IT continues with AI!

Where we came from

We kicked off with a clear goal: to help businesses understand what makes them special and share that with the world.

Our Business Soul Discovery service is all about finding and showing off the unique heart and message of each business.

It’s like getting to know the personality of a business and helping it speak its own truth

Then, we discovered what AI could really do. At first, we thought it would just help us make better content faster. But soon, we realized AI could change the game entirely.

That’s when we created our first tool, the Business Soul Discovery CustomGPT.

This wasn’t just a new step for us; it opened up a whole world of opportunities for our clients, making everything we do smarter, quicker, and more impactful.

SoulCraftAI is our way of bringing AI’s transformative power directly to your business.

With SoulCraftAI, we retrace our steps, allowing you to take advantage of all the experience we have built using these amazing tools.

We’ll help you figure out what AI can do for you – just like we did. Then we’ll make sure you turn that idea into a business reality. That’s AI with SOUL.