The Bizualize Story

It started with Values, IT continues with AI!

In 2015, while leading a technical team in an Australian technology firm, I developed the “Growth Lifecycle Model”. This approach, aligning customer engagement with team values, was the first step towards the development of the “Business Soul” concept.

As the world changed in 2020 with the advent of COVID-19, I revisited my earlier ideas, focusing on core values. This period of reflection and rediscovery led to the formation of Bizualize and its signature service, “Business Soul Discovery”, helping businesses to articulate and embrace their foundational values.

The chance discovery of Chat GPT in January 2023 marked a significant evolution in my approach. Rather than focusing only on content generation, I instantly saw the potential of Chat GPT to act as a customizable tool that reflects a business’s values and ethos in its operations. I learned to tailor Chat GPT to various business needs, focusing on creating AI solutions that understand and adapt to specific business practices and principles.

This led to the development of “SoulCraftAI”, a service centered around custom GPTs. These GPTs are designed to function as bespoke business assistants, understanding the unique ways a business operates and the reasons behind these practices. Contrary to being large, complex software developments, these custom GPTs are highly customized yet extremely flexible, designed to efficiently execute tasks in alignment with a business’s expectations and style.

Today, Bizualize specialise in offering custom GPTs that are far more than just content creators. They are adaptable tools that embody a business’s values in action, offering tailored solutions that fit each business’s specific operational needs and style. All built on the original idea that planted the seed for Bizualize – Business Soul Discovery.

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