That’s it, you’re all set for Business Soul Discovery!

I'm really looking forward to working with you to discover what it is that truly makes you unique, and how you deliver your unique value to your customers.

In the meantime, I recommend having a think about 4 questions that we will cover in the session:

1. What is the function of your business?

Think about why your business exists from the perspective of your customers. Avoid statements like “to revolutionise” or “to offer a new approach” etc. These are statements that mean nothing to your customers, they want to know why your business exists and how this will improve SOMETHING for them.

2. What are the goals you want to help your customers achieve?

Again, think about your customers. Your business goals should revolve around the idea that these goals, when achieved by your customers, will fulfil the function of your business.

3.  What are the steps that you take to reach those goals?

These are the unique steps that you take as a business to ensure your customers achieve the goals you have set out.

10 Use cases
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