How did a values guy end up in AI?

How does someone who specialises in Core Business Values end up in AI?

Well, I’m glad you asked… on to find out how!

Like many business owners, I started off working for someone else in the corporate world.

After 25 years in that life, I decided that it was time to get out and create my own story, rather than simply playing a character in someone else’s. Using my extensive experience in people management, business strategy and cultural building, I founded Bizualize toward the end of 2022. With a mission to help businesses understand the core of what their business was all about, I built the Business Soul Discovery program. 

This program helps business owners and leaders understand and communicate their own unique narrative focused on what they do, what they will achieve for their customers and how their customers will benefit from achieving those goals. The program did very well; but there was one challenge…..turning it into an online program that was not limited in features like the currently available course building and hosting solutions.

Then on January 23rd 2023 at 4:35pm, I saw a video on youtube about Chat GPT – I am absolutely tech obsessed and so this drew me in immediately. 20 minutes later I was signed up with a Chat GPT Plus account and on the path to creating my own online program.

First stop, find an online course to learn this technology…….”hmmmm….none available as the tech has only been in the wild just over a month.”

“Ok, looks like I need to do this myself.”

Over the next 8 months I spent well over 600 hours learning, testing, experimenting making mistakes and ultimately building a skillset in Prompt Engineering. Until one day…I had a process that I could run inside Chat GPT.

Still more problems – it took me 35 minutes to get all of the prompts loaded into Chat GPT before I could do any work.

Then…….in early November 2023 Custom GPTs arrived on the scene. I realised very quickly that I had already build one, so in less than an hour my first custom GPT was built and operational.

After a fer run-throughs with clients using the new Custom GPT, I began to get requests for custom GPT builds – a new business sprung up overnight.

Here’s the thing though, at it’s core…AI is a truly democratised technology. This means it’s available to anyone – and so in the spirit of this democratisation, I want to spread the skillset, not keep it to myself. 

So here we are – SoulCraftAI is live and growing rapidly……enjoy!

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