Mind mapping your success

As customers and followers of Bizualize already know, I rely heavily on mind mapping to deliver my programs. Why? Because it’s an incredible approach that enables you to create a visual representation of your business, providing you with a comprehensive, birds-eye view of everything.

Imagine having a drone soar above your neighborhood, giving you a clear and concise picture of how everything fits together. That’s precisely what mind mapping does for your business. Suddenly, everything clicks into place, and you gain a better understanding of your business as a whole.

So with this in mind, this article is all about exploring the untapped potential of how it can benefit business owners. While many are aware of this technique, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, and it’s my mission to uncover its hidden advantages.

What is mind mapping?

Mind mapping has been a go-to technique for countless people looking to organize their thoughts and ideas effectively. By putting pen to paper or using any other medium of choice, this powerful tool allows you to take the tangled mess of thoughts swirling in your head. It helps to and piece them together in a logical, meaningful way. It’s like a puzzle coming together, with each piece connecting to another until the whole picture becomes clear. So with mind mapping, you can take those nonsensical jumbled thoughts and transform them into a beautiful and cohesive map of your ideas that makes perfect sense.

Mind mapping is such a profound reality to me personally that it forms the namesake of my business – Bizualize. To “Bizualize” means to take the often abstract concepts and ideas that make up your business and visualise them. And I mean not just metaphorically; but physically.

This technique has become a revelation for me over the past few years. As a result have used it extensively in many of my personal projects, not just professional. However, over the last year it has become clear that mind mapping in the traditional sense is only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s so much more though!

I have spent so much time using the approach for what was in my head that I never saw the raw power of mind mapping as a collaborative tool, well this period of ignorance is over.

So what’s the big change? Well, mind mapping is now online, and wow does that change the playing field!

  • If you have a collaborative project
  • If you have a process
  • If you have a business structure
  • If you have a knowledge storage application

Now you can mind map it and collaborate with absolutely anyone in real time!

So you can add notes, comments, make changes, add images, screenshots, videos, links….the list just keeps going.

How do we use mind mapping?

We have a program designed to take business owners through the process of uncovering their values and embedding them throughout their business. This process builds a values aligned team they can trust. Their team runs the business and projects the business owners values clearly to their customers and the market. We do this to give the business owner the ability to step outside of the day to day operations with the knowledge that growth and sustainability are at the forefront of all team members. This allows them time to focus on their vision for the business, and create growth. Mind mapping is at the core of our delivery.


Mind mapping fulfills every single step in the program.

  • It allows us to help our customers figure out the structure of their business
  • It allows us to help them figure out their customer journey
  • It allows us to help them identify the customer interactions where their values need to shine
  • It allows us to help them figure out the profile of who needs to be at that customer interaction to get the outcome
  • It allows us to systemise the process of identifying the team members talent profile and applying it over and over again
  • It allows us to help them organise information such as processes, training documents, resources, job descriptions and more right at the point of interaction.
  • It allows us to help them set-up incredible training and onboarding resources for new team members and customers

I could go on to an infinite number of applications; but I think you get the picture.

So the point here is that mind mapping should no longer be seen as simply a way to manifest ideas….it has evolved and transcended that little box in a huge way.

  • It’s now a way to manifest action
  • It’s a method of discovery
  • It’s a way to uncover
  • It’s a place to communicate
  • It’s a building method
  • It’s a way to transform knowledge into an asset

And for us, it’s a way to deliver massive value.

With this in mind, if you have never really thought about this as a tool, trust me……you NEED to look at this.

If you want to find out more, book a 45 minute coffee chat with me at: bit.ly/discoverbizualize or head over to www.bizualize.com.au/discovery.


Adam Walsh
Values uncovered….not created.

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